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ims and Objectives

  • To develop various aspects of the student’s personality.
  • To make the student’s good Muslim, true Pakistani and also to inculcate in them habits of punctuality and sense of duty.
  • To impart knowledge beyond the text book.
  • To produce disciplined characters with leadership qualities.
  • To strive to achieve harmonious development of mind and body as well as morals and emotions.
  • To produce enlightened personalities.
  • To meet educational challenges of 21st century with more emphasis on science subjects.
  • To train students to become socially responsible and adequately prepared to deal with the problems of the future.
  • To prepare the students for the cadet colleges of Pakistan.
  • To extend individual attention to every student for intellectual development.
  • To make the student proud of their cultural heritage.
  • To develop sportsmanship in students.
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