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Today’s article is the most important blog about the educational institute I have ever written in my blogs. In this, we will discuss almost all type of School Principal / School Manager Job Descriptions

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of Job Description is mention as:

A formal account of an employee’s responsibilities.

‘That means, right now, part of his job description is helping his employees get to work and get home.’

In short, we can say that job description is a list of responsibilities provided by the boss of an organization. In the school type institution job description is the backbone of an institute. If any employee work in an institute with any job description then you must know that this employee is not working in productive mode.

School Principal / School Manager Job Description, functions, and responsibilities have been divided into three categories i.e Administration, Academic, and Pastoral.

Administration Responsibilities:

  1. Attending the morning assembly prayer daily and ensure the conduction according to the prescribed format.
  2. Conduct Parents Teacher Meeting (PTM), Orientation Session before the start of a session.
  3. Conduct proper and agenda bases general meeting with teaching and admin staff
  4. Co-ordination and meeting with the parents of week students on a weekly basis.
  5. Conduct Parenting Sessions, Parents Training Sessions.
  6. Ensure the issuance of fee challans signed by Fee In-charge or accountants.
  7. Ensure the maintenance of stock inventory.
  8. Check the issuance of Student School Leaving Certificates.
  9. Check the Attendance record of staff-casual leave application and approvals.
  10. Check the student attendance register.
  11. Ensure the maintenance of Logbook
  12. Maintenance of rechecking register of Note-books. Keep followup of rechecking register.
  13. Allocation of duties to staff in Morning Prayer, Break Time, and off times.
  14. Allocation of duties to staff appointed
  15. Assessment of staff (ACR)
  16. Recommendation of increments based on targeted work.
  17. Planning and organization of campus annual academic and event calendar.
  18. Handling of all official correspondence in a mannered way.
  19. Ensure attendance in workshops/meetings representing campus.
  20. Ensure discipline of students and staff
  21. Plan for campus newsletters/magazine
  22. Ensure student’s counseling& guidance
  23. Ensure admission conduction of test & completion of formalities.
  24. Ensure check on withdrawal/transfers, maintenance of withdrawal register
  25. Ensure check on fee defaulters.
  26. Ensure regular inspection of classes/canteen
  27. Ensure security within the campus and at entrance/exit gates
  28. Ensure library/ labs maintenance, register, stock, fines
  29. Ensure sports goods maintenance, stock, requisition, breakages.
  30. Check on the requisition of furniture, material, and repairs
  31. Ensure the maintenance of buildings and gardens.
  32. Ensure maintenance of keys of campus premises
  33. Monitor internal and external communication
  34. Ensure daily required orientations
  35. Academic Responsibilities
  36. Heading co-ordination meetings (Course coverage /test paper co-ordinator
  37. Ensure regular checking of planners
  38. Ensure checking of C.W/H.W notebooks/ diaries
  39. Ensure checking of report cards
  40. Ensure syllabus – planning and break-up and implementation in campus
  41. Ensure conduction of workshops – In-service program.
  42. Ensure provision of teaching aids

Academic Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure and heading co-ordination meetings regarding course coverage and teaching quality assurance.
  2. Ensure regular checking of the academic planner.
  3. Ensure checking and rechecking of Class-work / Home-work & Diaries.
  4. Ensure checking of the report cards and schedule meetings with their parents.
  5. Ensure syllabus – planning and break-up and implementation on campus.
  6. Ensure the conduction of special teachers training workshops for better staff development.
  7. Ensure the preparation of the timetable.

Pastoral Responsibilities:

  1. Maintenance of a clean, healthy, secure learning environment.
  2. Maintenance of discipline in the campus premises
  3. Plan and organize sports
  4. Handle emergency cases i.e sickness
  5. Special Counseling of students for academic and personal guidance.

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