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How to begin a new academic session in school? is one of the most commonly asked questions by school owners & principals. In this article, we almost cover every aspect of the school by starting a successful academic session.
During the starting days of school in the new session, students will not be bringing complete bags. It is, therefore the most suitable time to introduce classroom rules and regulations, mentors, and leadership programs.

  • Begin with the importance of rules and regulations in general life. Discuss life without rules. Encourage students to share what they expect from, what they expect from their teachers and class fellows. Tell them for enjoying a healthy learning environment; they have to obey some rules. Ask them to enlist those rules on the board.

Give needful corrections and avoid using the word “don’t”. Language should be motivating.


  • I shall keep my class clean.
  • I shall not spoil in the class.
  • I shall not shout in the class.
  • I shall not leave my class without taking permission from my teachers.
  • I shall be respectful, helpful, kind and polite to my class fellows.

After making rules of classrooms. Create a memorandum table chart with a computer or handwritten like the below sample.

[cs_image CS_SC_IMAGE column_size=”1/1″ image_style=”modern” cs_image_url=”” cs_image_url385541=”Browse”][/cs_image]

Write this memorandum on a piece of a chart neatly and hang it in the class.
Talk about the aims of students. Ask them what they are doing to achieve their aims. Guide them that they need to focus and plan to achieve their aim/goal. Talk about the preparation they needed to do for this purpose. Guide them that they must be regular and punctual. They must do their work with concentration and should not leave their work for tomorrow. They should design a proper time table for daily tasks and follow them strictly. They should not sacrifice their study time for playing, going shopping, or watching TV. The teacher will ask students to think and plan their day schedule/time table.

He/She will help them in designing their time table. The teacher will guide the students that during this academic year they will work in groups and each group will have its mentor to support, guide and lead them. The teacher will talk about the advantages of working in groups. The teacher will talk about their social and religious responsibilities. He / She will encourage them to describe the qualities of a good child and a good human being. He/she will tell them that schools prepare students for their future. Schools enable students to own their responsibilities and group work will help them in owning and understanding their responsibilities. He / She will guide them that group work will help them to develop good relations with their class fellows. It will help them to do the tasks easily. It will enable them to help, support and own others. It will also help them to understand the spirit of cooperation based competition and inculcate leadership qualities in them.
The teacher will share the qualities of a leader. He / She will discuss the habits of highly effective people. He / She will tell them that leaders always take good care of their time. They have plans and time tables. They know their weaknesses and do not blame others for their failures. They try to overcome their weaknesses. They never lose heart and they never give up. He / She will brief students that they should also think of others while thinking of themselves. They should never think themselves superior. They should try to understand the problems of others and be empathetic. He / She will tell them that they should think of winning together instead of standing alone on the victory stand. He/She will talk about the importance of discipline and tell students that discipline transforms a common man into a leader. The teacher will talk about the “Motivational Program” and introduce a motivational corner to them.

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